Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School and Back to the Old Grind!

Yep, it's back to the old grind around here! Justin started back to school today and I got a taste of what 6:15 a.m. looks like! I had well forgotten that time of the morning and quite frankly didn't want to start remembering! It would have been easy to go back to bed after he left, but I knew I really needed to get use to these early hours once again. I am such a night owl, but I DO love the morning....when I'm awake, that is! I met my friend, Shelley, and her mom for lunch today. We haven't seen much of each other over the summer, and guess we'll start our weekly outings back up next Tuesday. The fall craft shows are starting to pop up and I'll be hitting every one of those in the area. It's been cool and misty around here and I can see summer quickly fading away! Hubby watched his old alma mater, NC State, play their first football game of the season this afternoon and we are now watching our Seattle Seahawks play their last preseason game. Their season gets in full swing next week! Yep....though not technically, fall HAS arrived in our home!

My daughter is in her last year of college up in Bellingham, just south of the Canadian border. On Tuesday she moved into a new house for the upcoming year. She'll be sharing a five bedroom with four other girls and she and a current roommate were the first to move in this week. (They don't start back to college until the end of September around here.) She called me last night and started telling me all the horror stories of their move....their "help" had backed out, it had rained....yada, yada, yada! But they were all moved in and the other gal had left for the weekend. So Katie was all alone in this "new" old house. Anyway, as she proceeded to tell me how much she hated this house she started screaming. It appeared she was not alone in the house after all for scooting across the floor was a little furry "friend"! While she continued to scream I tried to calm her down and I guess, with all the stress the last couple of days had been, her screams quickly turned to tears. I felt so bad for her but I couldn't help but laugh a myself (been there, done that, with the "mouse thing" in our earlier years!) And then all I could hear was, "I don't want to stay here tonight!" "What if he crawls on me in the middle of the night!" "I'm afraid to get off the couch!" I could no longer keep my laughs silent and tried to tell her that the little mouse wouldn't attack her, that he was probably more frightened of her than she was of him (but I was doubting that), and that he was probably just missing his former roommates (yea, right...was probably missing their TRASH!). Then I told her to find a friend where she could crash for the night.

Well, hubby just talked to her and she ended up staying at the house. She was NOT attacked by the little fellow last night, and he now has a name....Timmy! By the way....exterminators HAVE been called! lol!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! ~~Annie


  1. Oh Annie, I feel for your daugther...we had a mouse in our kitchen last year while my granddaugther was spending the night. I didn't think that she would ever go to sleep that night, but not long after going to bed...we heard him in the mouse trap and DH took the little guy outside.
    Love the Fall items that you showed on your post!! Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend also!

  2. Your fall leaves and pumpkins are so cute:) I hope your daughter gets settled in and gets rid of her " furry" roommate! I remember years ago living in a trailer we had one or two and I did NOT sleep till they were gone! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

  3. Love those pumpkins Annie!
    I so feel for your daughter, I hate those furry little things!!!

  4. Maybe Harley could move up with his big sister for a short time. I'm sure Timmy would appreciate that. I received my kitty a couple of days ago. Thanks so much--it is so cute. Have a great weekend.

  5. What a great story! Ah yes, I remember those younger days and the adventures that came with them! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  6. Catching up tonight and you have been very busy with some really wonderful fall pieces. Love them all.



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