Sunday, September 6, 2009

They're in the Semifinals!!

(Click here to see local news clip about these talented young ladies.)

I first wrote about the very talented EriAm Sisters back on June 23, when they had won the first round of America's Got Talent and were on their way to Vegas! These are our neighbors and the young girl up front, Haben, is the same age as my son. They've gone to school together since kindergarten and I first heard her beautiful voice when they were both in a talent show at our elementary school over two years ago.

They have made it through to the semifinals, which airs this Tuesday, September 8th! They are a wonderful down-to-earth family and the girl's talent doesn't end on stage...they all three excel in their academics, as well. I wish them all the best and I will definitely be voting for them this Tuesday night! Good luck EriAm Sisters!!


  1. I saw the 3 girls in your post and think it is wonderful when Girls that age are interested in competing and spending quality time like they must do a lot of.
    I just paid to have a selling blog and now I can't figure out how to use it..the info on how to use it were very slim..I am NOT computer savy..Love your blog

  2. What a thrill for them and everyone that knows the! I wish them much luck!

  3. Oh, what sweet girls. However, they should get off that railroad track.

    How exciting when nice people you know are competing in such positive areas such as singing.

  4. Wish them my best. I've been watching the show from the beginning and was very impressed with their talent and poise. It is easy to see that their parents have done a great job raising them.

  5. I watched them tonight. They are such sweet and down to earth girls, I hope they make it through.


  6. How exciting for them and for all of you who can say, "I knew them when..." :)

    Hugs~ Birgit


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