Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few More Goodies to Share!

Think I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Halloween sales have turned into fall and Christmas sales. Halloween has always been my busiest time for hopefully, the worst is behind me. I've missed you all so much and feel so behind with the times! But I started catching up last night and was able to visit quite a few of you!

Just wanted to show you what I received in the mail last week. I have a wonderful friend, Nancy, in one of my ebay groups. I have been helping her a bit with her blog lately, and this sweet, sweet lady sent me a wonderful package of goodies! She is so talented and sews beautifully! With all the worries about swine flu this season, one can never be too cautious! Look at how Nancy is fighting back! She makes these wonderful shopping cart handle covers. They come in their own little matching bag and fit so nicely in your purse! These are great for everyone, but especially nice if you have little ones who sit in the cart. What a great invention! You can order these from her on her Huggins Haven site!

She also sent me some of the BEST smellin' prim soap. OMG...I don't want to use them because I just love sitting here and "sniffing" them! They are SO fragrant. You can also find her soap at Huggins Haven!

Thank you SO much, Nancy! Just love ALL my goodies! The orange scented one, which I didn't show a pic of, is my FAVORITE scent of all. I wanted to take a bite out of it! LOL!

I read where some of you have gotten snow or have it in your forecast! NO, NO, NO! Still need to enjoy the colors of autumn! I am SO ready for a foilage drive, but today seems to be our last day of good weather for a while. Guess I'll have to see the colors in the rain! :)

I'll be back later in the week to show you some of my new Christmas ornies. I'm so excited to get them finished up! Just a few more Halloween and fall to finish up first! Have a wonderful week, everyone! ~~Annie


  1. Hey Annie where do you sell your stuff. I can't seem to get mine sold unless I do shows...the show to come to is the christmas in the country..she is also looking for vendors that is the biggy that I do..

  2. Glad you are catching your breath Annie! I am one of those with the snow. I have had Christmas music on and sewing snowmen!

  3. Annie,
    Great goodies that you got!! Glad that things are allowing you a little break.
    My fall shows are over and I'm starting to think all things "Christmas and Winter"!!
    Can't wait to see the ornies!!

  4. Those soaps look wonderful! What a great idea for the carts too! Hope you get some time for a fall drive soon, it's so pretty:)

  5. You sure are busy and i can't wait to see your Christmas ornies:)

  6. Nancy makes the best things. You should see the totes she makes too. Those shopping cart handle covers are so unique and SO needed. I heard shopping cart handles are one of the germiest surfaces you can come across!!!

  7. Annie,
    Isn't it great to have such sweet friends? Enjoy your goodies and I hope you have great success with your sales. have a blessed day!

  8. What a sweet gal, that Nancy is! Blogging buddies are the best!
    Glad to see you're finding a little bit of time to share online here. I went almost a week without my computer and almost went crazy! :)
    I hope you get your autumn drive soon.
    Hugs~ Birgit


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