Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Look at these Goodies!

Long time no post! What a crazy hectic couple of months it has been! And it's still not any better! I HAVE managed to get all my fall decorating finished. Hope to post a few more pics, but the pic above is in my front foyer.

Just to catch you up on the latest…I’m still sewing my fat little fingers off. You’d think as much work as they get they wouldn’t be so fat. God forbid I ever have to take my wedding rings off! LOL! But they’ve been awfully busy lately. I have over 100 ornies I need to make up and get mailed out this week!

The exciting news, though, is we have a new house guest. My niece, Jennifer, has come to live with us for a few months. We are so excited to have her here. She’s been out job hunting and already has a good lead. She’s visited us three times before and loves it “out west”. She’s a good ole North Carolina gal, like myself. I have someone now to help me route for those Tarheels!

Saturday we went to the Issaquah Salmon Festival. I just love going to this outdoor show each year. Although, seems it always wants to rain on their parade! Literally…because it starts off with a parade. But it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend for the show this year! About 300 vendors line the streets of the beautiful town of Issaquah. And it’s wall to wall people! There’s a salmon hatchery in town and the river runs through it where you can see all the salmon jumping up the ladder. Those salmon were HUGE! Here's a couple of pics my niece took. The waters were filled with these fish!

I picked up a few a couple of birthdays coming up and of course trying to get a head start on Christmas! I also picked up a pretty pottery utensil holder.

But I really wanted to come on and share some wonderful goodies I received from one of the most talented ladies I've ever met!

I am so fortunate to be a member of a wonderful Ebay group. It's the first group I ever joined and I just love the ladies I've met in there. We have lots of fun and recently I won a contest in the group. The prize for this particular contest was being offered by Chris of The Antique Pallet. You really need to check her blog out...she has some really cute fall items she just posted! Anyway...take a look at the wonderful things she sent me!

This is an old stove top popcorn popper she found and painted up with this beautiful winter scene. I just LOVE it! I am so anxious to display it, I just might have to sneak it in among my fall items! LOL!

She also sent me this wonderful stack of fabric and homespuns! I was so excited to see all these beautiful fabrics. I will definitely put them to great use! That's the utensil holder in the background that I bought at the festival.

Chris finds unique vintage pieces and paints the most beautiful scenes on them. I've always wanted one of her pieces, so I bid on one of her Ebay auctions and WON! Great timing...this was also in the big box of goodies! I'm a sucker for fall decorations and I love painted items! I'm not going to want to put this piece away after the fall season! And it's filled with the best smellin' fixin's! There is so much detail in every thing she does!

But this talented lady doesn't stop at painting! She makes these wonderful bottle cap necklaces. Chris knows how much we love the Mariners in our house and she made up six of these beautiful necklaces for us. They can also be used as key chains and charms. These are SO cute and she can make them up for just about anything you can come up with! You can check out these in her bottle cap store!

It'll probably be a while before I'm back again. My friend Shelley is helping me with all these orders. I haven't even gotten my October newsletter out yet. So if you're signed up to receive my newsletter and waiting for the drawing for this month's ornie, I will be doing that in the next couple of days. In the meantime....hope you're all having a wonderful FALL! ~~Annie


  1. Busy, busy, busy! With good fun things! Don't work too hard! Hope your niece gets to see a lot of the area and gets to go on a lot of ferry rides while with you!

  2. Love your fall decor and especially the neat stuff you just won. Glad you're having a good time with your niece.

  3. love the items you won..she does great work..I am watching her pan she is how you have your foyer decorated..have a wonderful week.;)


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