Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Decorating...Days 2, 3 and 4!

Oh my...what a mess! I haven't done a very good job of getting my decorating finished, have I?!?! At least I finished up the outside and I got most of the boxes unpacked today and taken back out to the garage. So at least I can walk around enough to finish putting things out. The tree is mostly decorated. Didn't put Katie's ornaments up...will wait till she gets home from college. And of course, there's always those "last few" ornaments that "I" have to put up because everyone else gets tired and "can't find anywhere else on the tree to put 'em!" LOL! Happens every year! So, still no good pictures.

Had my son help take down all my fall decorating over the weekend and put them on the kitchen table. Finally got all those packed up and put away!

My friend, Shelley, and I went to A Victorian Country Christmas last night. It's a big craft show at the state fairgrounds in Puyallup and is in three different buildings. The outside area is all decorated in lights and they have carraige rides and a little trolley that's all lit up with Christmas lights that will take you from building to building. Vendors must dress in Victorian era garb and booths are all decorated up in storefront style. Seems it always rains when we go to this show, but last night it was beautiful. The full moon was out and it was freezing cold! Perfect weather to get you in the mood for Christmas shopping! Picked up a cute Santa and some delicious fudge! Just can't stay away from that fudge. LOL! They won't let you take photos inside the building so I pulled this one off their site. Gives you an idea of how they set up the booths.

This is the Santa I got. I don't think he's handmade, but I just liked him so much I couldn't pass him up.

Also wanted to show you a few other things I've picked up at shows here and there. Can't show everything, because some of them are going to be gifts. Never know whose gonna come on here! ;-)

Do you see a theme here? I'm a little partial to snowmen! :)

Well this is Harley's first Christmas and I've been curious as to how he'll react to the trees and decorations. He loves the boxes and all the wrapping. So far so good as far as the decorations on the tree go. He's awfully curious, though, and especially loves the plastic.

I have my manger scene set up on an end table in the living room, and today he walked over the three wise men without knocking a single one over! Hopefully, he'll continue his surefootedness! He and Trixie have been running around and wrestling with each other and acting all crazy. Guess they're starting to feel the Christmas spirit! LOL!

Going to try to finish up by Saturday. Will be back this weekend with some good pics! ~~Annie


  1. LOL.......Your a brave woman to show that mess!!! house was unbelievable.......just like that.....its so much work.but I just love it when done......wish I could keep it decorated allyear long...!

  2. Nice spelling and punctuation in the above post! LOL!
    little ole me!

  3. Your house looks just like mine at the moment...boxes everywhere. It is so worth it in the end though. I ususally take pics of how I decorated last year to speed the process along. Sure wish I could find those pics somewhere. I'm sure they will be in the bottom of the last box. Can't wait to see it when it's all done. Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. Wow, you have ALOT of Christmas stuff, LOL! Love your snowmen and glad your kitties are enjoying the season:)

  5. are you coming to my show today thru sunday?

  6. I just love little Harley. He looks just like a little lump of coal in your stocking...*wink* no, he's a precious little licorice jellybean, my that SNOWCAT, too! You got some great things...

  7. Oh you poor is easy to get overwhelmed when you get started but stay the course it will get better. Dianntha

  8. Annie,
    I must say that Harley is just too cute!!
    I too have boxes in my livng room and dining room...just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Had youngest DD's birthday this week and oldest DD's baby shower tomorrow...can't wait for Monday to get here so that I can put my feet up and rest.

  9. Annie,
    I can't believe you live close to me!! I just got my order with the wonderful Uncle sam hat and cute!! So now I need a Valentine's decoration and tucks and some shamrock tucks and a table decoration!! What do you have up your sleeve...peek?

  10. LOL! Hi Valerie! So glad you liked your goodies. Going to start on all that stuff after I get my Christmas decorations up and shopping done. Keep an eye out...I'll be listing in a few weeks! Thanks so much! ~~Annie

  11. WOWEE! You got a ton of stuff, girl! :)
    I can't wait to see pics!

  12. I just "stumbled" across your blog and I love it! You are very talented and have some great looking stuff. I've signed on as a follower! Merry Christmas!


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