Monday, December 14, 2009

A Gorgeous Site You've Got to See!!

Our temps have been in the twenties this past week, and as a result there's been a lot of freezing all around here. So when my daughter got home yesterday, we decided to take a drive to Snoqualmie Falls. These falls are so beautiful year round, and whenever we have out-of-town guests we always take them to the falls. This past summer, we visited the falls three times. This is a picture from the summer.
So when we saw a photo in the newspaper on Saturday, we KNEW we had to go see them for ourselves! All these photos were taken by my daughter, Katie. She is a photo journalism major in her last year in college. This is the way the falls looked yesterday!

I was in total awe when I saw this site! As pretty as her picture is, it still doesn't do justice to how beautiful the whole area was in person! Plus, even though you can't tell it, it was snowing at the time, too!

As we drove back, we came upon this river with a bridge over it. Katie was playing around with the shutter speed on her camera to get this beautiful affect. It was already getting dark, but she was still able to get a beautiful picture.

This was a little side road that was still fresh from the snow.

I made Katie get out to get the photo below. She said she felt like the paparazzi! I told her she wasn't taking a picture of "people"...only their home. LOL! This was a neighborhood we drove through that's on an airstrip. People have "hangers" off their house and then drive their airplanes on the roads to get to the airstrip. I've been back here several times and always noticed this house where they collect old fire engines. There are a lot of trees in front of their house, but we could see at least four old fire trucks. This part was out in the open and made for a Christmas card scene. That's why I just had to have a photo!

The snow was short lived, but it was so pretty coming down yesterday. I know I carry on about the snow, but I don't care how much you dislike it...there is something special about DECEMBER snow. It just adds to the Christmas spirit. By February and March, I'm not that excited about it. I guess that's why I love all those Christmas movies, where it always snows on Christmas Eve! Even in Southern California! LOL! ~~Annie


  1. Those pictures are wonderful! Your daughter has quite the eye for photography. Hubby (being the firefighter) loves the last picture. Thanks Annie!! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the photos Annie! I've never been there but my husband has been to the falls while in the area on a trip for a meeting one year. He enjoyed seeing them this morning. LOVE that fire truck photo-such a peaceful image.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter!

  3. How beautiful, I can see why you had to go see them! Dawn

  4. Those are some incredible and very, very enjoyable images you shared! I had never seen the falls in winter -- I'm in awe!

    Those people on the airstrip must have LOADS of that fire engine in the snow...

  5. These pictures are beautiful!
    I love snow in December, too...I
    miss having a "White Christmas"...
    I think the one with the fire
    engine should be on a Christmas
    card! Your daughter did a great

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. love the photos!!! and you are right about december snow.its the best..but the rest...not so much.;)

  7. Those are some beautiful photos!!! Very talented daughter you have! The fire truck one is definitely a Christmas card! Both pics of the falls are stunning... though I'd rather be in the summer pic!!! LOL! Yes... in December I like snow... but Dec 26th, I'm already planning my garden!!! LOL! Have a great day!

  8. Wow amazing photos ! Love the frozen falls and I get it's just amazing in person to see. That photo with the fire engine...ohhh I can see it as a Christmas card.
    Thanks for sharin'
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  9. I love waterfalls and love to climb in the mountains and to waterfall spots.


  10. Love the pictues of the falls!! And I so agree that the photo with the old fire-truck is postcard pefect!! They are saying that we might have a white Christmas here...I hope so as December snow is the best!!

  11. Annie, I posted this in my comments
    for you, don't know if you saw it, or not...
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    Bear Hugs~Karen


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