Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a Beautiful, Wonderful Day! Why.....?

I am just SO excited today! First of all, my daughter just walked through the front door, safe and sound. She's home for the holidays from college. She called us a couple of hours ago saying she had just left and it was snowing hard up there. She goes to college up in Bellingham, which is near the Canadian border. She said it was really bad about the first 50 miles she had to drive, but it got better the further south she traveled.

I'm also excited because now it's snowing here! I know, I know...not too exciting for many of you all who get it all the time, or for those of you who hate the snow. But I absolutely LOVE the snow and now that everyone's home safe and sound, it can snow all it wants! LOL!

And the third reason I am SO excited is


Yes, I won Lynn's wonderful giveaway over at

Painting Thyme Needfuls!

OMG! There are so many wonderful goodies...I just can't wait to get the box. Just when I thought I was all finished decorating, woohoo...I get to decorate more! I just LOVE Lynn's blog. She is such a talented lady and I love seeing the things she makes and the way she decorates her home. I have always been so envious of her beautiful home! If you haven't already, you've just GOT to check out her wonderful blog!

Now that my daughter is home, hopefully I can get her to take a few pictures for me so I can post on here. My camera is still on the blink! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time getting ready for the season! I know I am! ~~Annie


  1. Congrats on winning Annie! I am new to blogging and haven't won anything yet but I will keep trying. I'm glad your daughter made it home safe and sound! Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Annie,
    I'm glad your daughter made it home safely for the holidays. No snow here in N.C. but boy it's been cold. Have a great week, now go on..go play in the snow with your daughter!!

    Take care,

  3. wow you cleaned up that will look great in your home..we still don't have any snow here yet...but it sure looks like it is going too..will keep you posted...glad your daughter got home safely..:)

  4. You lucky girl! I wanted all those
    goodies! I know that having
    your daughter home safe makes you
    feel so much better! Congrats on
    your win!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Nothing like family safe and sound and children home safely from college.

    Congrats on winning that giveaway, it sure was a generous one!!!

  6. Congratulations on winning, she does have beautiful things. It is always nice to have to kids home at christmas, I will have my daughter her, but my son and DIL are traveling overseas this year to visit her parents.


  7. Annie,
    Glad your daughter arrived safely! My daughter is flying home from GA on Tuesday....I cannot wait! I'm so glad you won my give are soooo hard working like the rest of us its such a TREAT I know to receive a wonderful handmade gift.....I know I treaure them and I've won some wonderful give aways! I packed your box tonight and wrapped it for it will go out tomorrow!!!! Let me know when it arrives.....I so hope you like it! I am blessed to have found so many special friends in blog being one of them!

  8. Annnie,
    Congrats on your win!! So glad that your daughter got in safely. Now "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"!!!

  9. Hi Annie
    I'm happy your daughter arrived safe and sound! Congrats on that wonderful WIN! ;)
    WOW-look at all the good stuff Lynn sent! ;) Enjoy!

    Have a great week!

  10. Sounds like everything is wonderful in your neck of the woods right now, Annie. I'm glad your daughter is home safe and sound so you can enjoy all that new fallen snow.
    Congratulations on your winning too. You've got some cute goodies coming your way.
    Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

  11. Oh how wonderful! Congrat Annie, that looks like a ton of great goodies! Enjoy your daughter being home, and have a wonderful Christmas!


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