Friday, May 14, 2010

A Few Prims to Share!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your comments about Harley and I really appreciate all your well wishes. Harley is pretty much back to his old self. I'm trying to get him to use his Swiffer Duster on my furniture. And then maybe I'll hold him up to the ceiling fan to see if he can clean the dust off it! LOL!

I've been busy creating and wanted to share a few of my latest creations. I'm making Americana and everyday items right now. One of my favorite pieces is the Americana funnel shown up top. It was sold before I even listed it, but I just loved how it turned out. Below is a little Americana gathering with an Uncle Sam hat.
This was my first strawberry gathering. I just loved how it turned out. Someone else did, too. It's already been sold. But I think I will be making more strawberries. They're so fun!

One of my sets of Americana star tucks....

I'll be adding little round prim tags to these little pillow tucks. I just love the feel of these. And they smell so good!

These are my newest bird...the Blue Bird. I've also just listed the pattern for these, which also includes my cardinal pattern with it.

I just love these pinwheels! They are so fun to make. I sell these as tucks like below, or with a long cinnamon stick attached for it's handle. I will be making more of these in other colors as well.

This is such a cheerful little gathering. I call it "Little Blessings" and that's what the tag reads. Lady bugs have always been a little blessing in the flower garden!

And this is such a patriotic piece! Lots of red, white and blue!
I have a few more Americana in the making and a few summer. Then I will probably be taking a little break before I start working on fall items. Hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my latest creations! ~~Annie


  1. You have been very busy! Love all your gatherings. Very Nice! TFS.

  2. You sure have been busy! Everything looks wonderful!

  3. Love the strawberries and the pinwheels.

  4. Love all your things Annie..Maybe after I get moved I will be inspired more and have a better place to take pictures.
    Can a Dr suck some of your ideas out and stick them in my head :)

  5. Not only are the creations pretty, but the way you photograph them is so professional.

    I really, really like the berries!

  6. ummm totally loving your the strawberrys and the canister they are in..where did you get it? I am loving strawberrys in my kitchen..maybe because of the red..I love them..when do you want to go shopping? I am up for some junking around the 1st of the month..any month on the first really..:)glad to hear that little Harley is doing better.:)

  7. Glad to see someone has been BUSY!! So creative. Keep them coming.


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