Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poor Harley!

Harley has a new "do"!
Not by choice, mind you!

Late Saturday afternoon as hubby was going in and out the door, grilling on the back deck, Harley managed to scoot out the door. There was plenty of daylight left and I figured Harley would "hang out" in the yard. No such luck. Harley has a mind of his own, and once he's out the door, there's no catching him. Harley comes back when Harley WANTS to come back. But he usually comes back pretty quickly. So when dark came and still no Harley, I knew something was up! I started walking the neighborhood, and sure enough, Harley had found him a little playmate...another neighborhood cat. Well, I needed Harley to come home and Harley wasn't going to have anything to do with me, so he ran off. As I was headed home to get my youngest son, hoping he'd have better luck calling this little mischievous feline, I heard the cat wollering begin! They were in a scrap and I couldn't see either one of them. So, when neither cat was anywhere to be found I gave up and went home. Harley eventually came to the back door and he was fine and happy to be home.

On Sunday, my son noticed Harley with a drooped tail, not wanting to eat or play. Monday was even worse and he even hissed at me for no apparent reason. He winced when I touched his back or tail. Still, I couldn't see or feel anything. So when Tuesday didn't show any improvement I took him to the vet. Sure enough....Harley had an abscess on his tail and two little bite marks from his little neighborhood playmate. I was amazed at how fast a cat bite could become infected.

So Harley is now walking around with a half shaven tail. At least he's now up and eating and beginning to act like his ole self. I figured "well at least he's learned his lesson". No way! I just went out into the yard, and as I was opening the door to come in Harley tried to scoot out again. I stopped him and shooed him back in! Oh Harley, won't you ever learn!


  1. O M Gosh...Harley's injured tail reminds me of a "Swiffer Sweeper" dusting wand...hee...hee. Don't tell him I said that!! Kristine

  2. I'm so glad Harley is OK. They do have minds of their own. He is just precious and even with the new hiar do is as cute as can be. I won't tell the kids here, they may want to start a new kitty trend and copy Harley's style!

    Take care,

  3. Awww! Poor widdle Guy!
    My past cat, Abner would get them. The Vet asked me if he was a brawler?
    I'm cracking up about the Swiffer tail!

  4. Poor Harley. I thought his tail looked like a feather duster!!

  5. No, they don't learn. Your lucky it was just the tail. One time, mine came back all bloody!!!!! Then he did stay in till he was healed!!!
    Yah, it does look like a duster!!!!haha
    Lois L.

  6. Poor Harley....he is still a cute kitty even though he has a new "do".

  7. You need to write a book about the escapades of Harley the Cat! Sometimes I think these cats think they are 10'tall and bullet proof when they all get together! I am still LOL over the "swiffer"~the way the wind blows around my area and all the dust that comes with it, even with windows closed, unfortunately when I'm done using my swiffer sometimes it is the same color of his tail!!!!
    I'm sure he will mend quickly!
    Take care.

  8. that happened to our was so infected and it stunk...and puss like you wouldn't could stick a whole q-tip in the hole...she healed..but it took lots of cleaning and antibiotics...glad to hear Harley is on the mend;)

  9. Poor Harley. I'm so glad that he is going to be ok.

  10. Poor Harley! Those cat bites are what our vet calls "hot and toxic" and can cause trouble so fast. My lil' blackie who looks a lot like Harley is also one to run off...we have a series of cages built (patio-sized) with lattice and he usually has to be put in those unless we are there to watch him...he's not even 5 pounds so he is vulnerable to the meanie cats...give ol' Harley a kiss from me...

  11. I thought it looked like a feather duster too. Poor Harley. Our cat had a sore on her tail also once. I thought she was going to take out the vet when she tried to save a spot off. As for his learned lesson...he probably thinks he needs to go out and settle the score. Crazy cat...glad he is doing better.

  12. Oh poor Harley! I'm surprised at how fast the infection came on too! Geeesh! He better get a bit more selective with his paymates! :-) Hope he continues to heal well too!

  13. Poor Harley! Hope he gets better soon.

  14. Poor little Harley. He looks a little embarrassed to be showing his bare end like that. hehehe! I'm glad he's doing better though. Hopefully he'll have learned a good lesson and won't venture off.
    Hugs to you Annie~ Birgit

  15. You just didn't see it earlier because of how long Harley's fur is. I don't even let mine go out any more. My newest addition was missing half of one of the toes on his paw, the nail will never come back, plus he lost some of his front teeth. I worry to much when they are outside. Usually when they get a bite like that, the center will fall completely out leaving a big hole, to heal quicker. I'm glad he is alright now, the naughty little kitty, they just can't help themselves!

  16. I am sorry Harley.... I am guilty of giggling when I saw the tail but I am really glad he is ok.


  17. Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!! Give him a "pat on the head from me"!! Keep us up to date with him!! He is super sweet!!


  18. My Hubert is a long hair like Harley and he gets a "lion" haircut every spring. He's so funny looking at first but his hair always grows back in prettier than before. Sending lots of kitty cuddles Harley's way.

  19. Aww....poor Harley! Glad that you found the bite and he's back on the mend even if his "new do" isn't fashionable.

  20. How funny!! I like the Swiffer joke! lol
    Poor wittle kitty... glad he's ok, though!
    I have 2 male cats and they are littermate brothers and they get in those moods where they fight each other, and we have to seperate them because they wont quit until we do...
    Then all of the neighborhood cats come here to scrap with them too! lol


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