Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Difference A Year Can Make!

It was one year ago yesterday that we adopted Harley. The only reason I know (without searching for his adoption papers) is because I posted about it in here. So, I was able to go back and check the date. The photo above is the photo I used in that post. He was so little and, as you can see, a little unsure about his new home. So when I spotted him lying in the exact same place last week, I decided to snap a photo to show you the difference. To see Harley at his best, worst, cutest (whatever you want to call it) this past year, click here.

That's Harley today! He's no longer unsure about his home, rather the king of his domain! He's not the sweet timid kitten you see in that first photo, rather a mischievous cat, eager to attack the nearest passerby! He's still obsessed with crushed ice and still loves to walk across the panel of our stove! Fortunately, he hasn't set it in Sabbath mode lately! He no longer jumps inside the dishwasher but he still becomes extremely agitated at my printer and eagerly awaits to attack! He has calmed down considerably but is still very unpredictable. While he's slowly mellowing out into his cat years, the "evil kitty" stills lurks closely beneath the skin! Yep, with Harley, you never know what to expect next! We love you, Harley!


  1. I would say that he takes up a
    heck of a lot more room! He is
    so adorable! I love, love, love
    black cats! I always enjoy seeing
    pics of him....Thanks!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Happy Birthday Harley!! He is so precious. I love reading your posts about him, he is close to the same age as my Sugar Bee and she is a liitle black ball of mischief as well. I hope you're having a lovely spring, we've had a short one it's already gone to hot & humid in N.C.

    Take care,

  3. Hey happy birthday Harley. He looks like my Ebonee.

  4. Harley is without a doubt one of the most amazing cats I've ever seen (shhh...don't let my cats know I was complimenting him!)...he is just totally cool of a cat.

  5. he is just way to cute for his own good..:) I love him..:)

  6. I have so enjoyed seeing Harley's antics over the past year. Happy adoption day to him and keep the pics coming.

  7. Harley is such a cutie! Looks like he loves his home now and is the King!

  8. How cute!!!! I know what you mean by not knowing what they'll be doing next. We've got 6 cats.

  9. Does Harley even know he is a cat? I can see why he could get away with being naughty some times..he is tooo cute


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