Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I HATE Spammers!

Guess someone got a hold my email contacts and sent a spam email to everyone! If you received it, sorry 'bout that. I did some research into this problem, and this is what I learned:

"It's nothing whatsoever to do with viruses and changing your password won't help.

This type of spammer doesn't have access to your account at any point.

Their method is simple, by spoofing the "From" field in an e-mail and forwarding group mails to your contacts, it appears to come from you. Anyone could do it. They don't even need to know your email, because they just send out enormous batches from lists of 'guessed' email addresses (for example: johnsmith01; johnsmith2; johnsmith1980)."

Still don't understand how they did it, but hope it doesn't happen again! Sorry if any of you received it! Was NOT from me! :) ~~Annie


  1. Annie-
    I got one and thought it quite odd that you would send something out like that.
    Don't you just wonder about people some days? Can't they find something worth while to do with their time other than doing things of this nature!
    Thanks for setting us straight. Knew it wasn't yours to begin with.
    Hope your day gets better.

  2. Hi Annie! I received one also and should have checked your blog first...before I opened the email. Hopefully there won't be any problems by opening the email. Received the stockings and I love them! Just what I wanted. Thanks Friend! You are the BEST!! Donna, gmills4@suddenlink.net

  3. Hey Annie! I just opened it and deleted it...LOL

  4. yeah me too.;) have a good one sista.:)

  5. Annie,
    Thanks for the information. It amazes me that people would do this typoe of thing.

  6. Isn't it amazing that they picked you to do it to..I wondered why you were sending me a site to buy electronics from when you know I am not buying anything right now..Crazy..so many boared people out there with nothing better to do..That is why I hate it when someone sends me an email that has tons of addys in it and all the ones on that list can see each others email addy.
    Nice to know that you didn't actually send that to me..

  7. Hi Annie...
    Seen it in my junk folder and deleted it before opening. I knew it had to be nothing that you sent! Thanks for doing the research on it. That was very helpful. Have a great day!


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