Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fall Is In The Air!

Just started my Fall and Halloween kick off over at Olde Annie Primitives! Lots of fall and Halloween primitives being added this week, so if you get a chance drop by and take a look!

Fall actually IS in the air out here. We had temps in the 60's yesterday. As I went out yesterday morning, if felt just like a crisp fall morning! But I'm not quite finished with summer yet, and I'm sure the hot temps will be back soon!

I have also started listing my entire line of Halloween and Fall tucks and ornies and will be adding a few new ones this year! These will be listed on both my website and in my Etsy Shop! So glad you dropped by today! Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! ~~Annie


  1. love the new fall items you are working on..those fall leaves are awesome..;) yeah I am digging this nice weather..;) love it!! have a great week ahead.:)

  2. Sometimes I just miss the PNW so much I could set down and cry. But it's so dry here no one can have a proper cry anyway. Love yer newest creations, those witches booties are delightful, but all yer stuff is, fer that matter.

  3. I just love your stuff Annie! I always look forward to your blog posts showing your new creations. Happy Fall sales to ya!

  4. You always hit the primitive nail on the head! Love your creations!

  5. Everything is awesome Annie. I have some fall patterns but looks like I will miss out this year...will be lucky if I am able to get any Christmas items made in time. Moving in the fall kind of puts a damper on things but I am glad I am not moving in the heat we are having here. Has been over 100 degrees for over a week now and there is no way we can load a U Haul in this heat.
    Looking forward to a better life soon anyhow :)

  6. We've had some fall-ish evenings here as well. I'm not ready to let go of the warm summer weather yet, but your fall items make me ready to change my decor. LOL!
    Love that tea-pot filled with the fall leaves. BEAUTIFUL!
    Have a great day Annie!
    Blessings~ Birgit


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