Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Great Finds....Now What Shall I Make?

Every Saturday hubby and I go to breakfast, always looking for someplace new to try. Yesterday we drove down to the quaint little town of Sumner and had breakfast at the Buttery Biscuit. The TWO of us had enough LEFTOVERS to feed the FOUR of us for dinner last night! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and Sumner has some of the most beautiful views of Mt. Rainier! Wish I had remembered to take along my camera!

After breakfast, I parked hubby in the shade and left him reading his fishing magazine. I even left the windows down for him and a bowl of water, so I was good to shop! LOL! Actually, he's pretty good about my shopping the antique and thrift stores, but always tells me not to lolly gag! Like THAT'S going to change anything!

Sumner has the neatest little prim shop there and I've been wanting to pick up a tart warmer...which I did. Here it is in its new home.

That's a wonderful tart sitting on top called Apple Butter Caramel, and it smells DIVINE! My son came downstairs to ask what I was baking. My good friend Connie, at Ye Olde Candle Cubbard makes these and they are the best smelling tarts! But I have to be careful not to leave them lying around. They look good enough to EAT! This one was actually sent to me by one of my wonderful, sweet customers after she received her order from Connie.

After shopping and browsing the prim shop I made my way to several antique stores along Sumner's Main Street. I didn't find anything until the very last one. There, I hit pay dirt! I was so excited to find ALL these goodies, which I will use in my prim creations! My favorite medium to use in my gatherings is enamelware, so when I can find it at a good price, I grab it. And I found several pieces yesterday! I also found these unique flat graters. I've never seen any like these, especially the two round ones. The round one with the handle actually rotates to its different sections, and it has a little piece at the bottom perfect for hanging a little prim towel. I've got great ideas for them and can't wait to use! And the wonderful enamel funnel! I was SO excited to find that one!

And below are a few things I've picked up in the last couple of weeks. I've seen these little sifters and have a few of them, but this was the first red one I've ever seen. It will make a cute little Christmas gathering. That fabric has the prettiest shouts "FALL LEAVES" to me...possibly in a gathering in that metal bucket!

And that basket is almost exactly like one I had last spring. I had made this beautiful Americana gathering in it and my friend snatched it up before I could even list it. I have more of that fabric, so I will be making another one pretty much like this one!

I have really been lucky lately and have run across so much enamelware. I picked up a few of these last Saturday when hubby and I drove up to The Country Village for breakfast. Others I found at thrift store stops in the last couple of weeks. That blue mug on the left is huge...more the size of a soup bowl than a coffee cup. It has "snowman head gathering" written all over it! The light green pieces I'll save for Spring/Easter. Not sure what I want to do with that unique blue enamel jello ring mold. Never seen one of those before! And love the cute little red enamel pot with little handles on each side. That one and the red cup will probably be used for Christmas gatherings.

Well, tomorrow is our 30th wedding anniversary! My!...time flies when you're having fun! Hubby has made us dinner reservations at El Goucho, a fancy steakhouse that just opened up in the new Microsoft high rise by his office. He's been wanting to take me there since it opened. Woohoo, I actually get to dress up! Then on Tuesday we're driving down to Portland and staying at a hotel on the Willamette River! My husband....such a romantic! I think I'll keep him!

Summer has finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest with a vengeance! It's a GOOD thing though because ONCE AGAIN my oven has gone on the blink! So with the hot sun, at least I'm able to bake my ornies outside now! Repairman was out last week and had to order the part....AGAIN. Will hopefully get it fixed on Monday...AGAIN! If anyone out there is currently shopping for new appliances, EMAIL ME so I can tell you which ones NOT to get!

There...I feel better! :) Have a good one! ~~Annie


  1. Oh Annie,

    I love all the enamelware. I pick it up all the time to when I see it. The blue jello ring mold is really neat. Why not a snowman gathering in that too? you can put a candle up through the middle hole attached to a piece of wood from underneath and glue it in place, then add you snowmen, greenery, whatever.

    Congrats on your wedding anniversary. Enjoy your dinner and romantic evening.

    Sorry to hear that your oven has gone up again. I can't tell you what not to buy though. We bought a Maytag Gemini gas range eralier this year and I haven't used it yet as the kitchen isn't completed....yep, I'm still waiting. But I can't wait to use it. It too had to have a repair...the gas knob had a malfunction, brand new out of the box.

    Have a great Sunday. It's beautiful here in the east...cooler temps today! Yeah!


  2. Great finds...its a blast isn't it, looking for these treasures, even when you come home with nothing, the search was worth every minute. Have a great day!

  3. It is fun to go treasure hunting isn't it (my kids and Billy call it junk and can't imagine why I would want such ugly things) I tried to dehydrate orange slices in my microwave (found free directions on google)
    To make a long story short..I burned them so put the last ones in front of a fan for a few days LOL
    I can't wait to move into new home so I can decorate with some of my JUNK TREASURES.
    Great finds Annie

  4. oh I love the enamelware you snatched up..especially the turquoise piece...have a wonderful time on your anniversary date..sounds like fun..oh and what appliances do we need to keep away from..;)I can tell you we don't like GE..

  5. Happy Anniversary! You picked up some great finds gal. I can only imagine what you're gonna do with 'em, but I know it'll be great. Good luck with your stove:)

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Yes, you guys up there are having unseasonable weather. I feel bad because many PNW folks can't handle such heat and may become ill.

    You found so many goodies. Lucky gal!


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