Friday, January 7, 2011

Baking Bread and a FUNNY Story!

My son has been on a health kick lately, having lost over 100 pounds now! He won't let anything he deems unhealthy touch his lips, and all his fruits and vegetable must be organic. While this is a very good wagon to be riding, I haven't quite gotten on board. I can't help it...I'm a Paula Deen kind of gal! Well, he will only shop at Whole Foods, and I say, as long as he can afford it, go for it!

Well, his current craze is making his own bread and for Christmas he received a recipe book for making your own bread in a bread machine. His having little experience with cooking from scratch, or at least from a recipe, I told him I would help him make his first loaf of bread. I have a bread machine and many of the ingredients he would need. I told him to pick out a simple bread and to read off the ingredients. Then, I would tell him what I had and didn't have and he could make his list. Well, turned out the bread he chose was NOT simple, and I had very few ingredients he called out. But he HAD to make this bread because it sounded so healthy! So off we went to Whole Foods with his list in hand. We searched for the first ingredient on his list...wheat bran...and found it. Then rye flour, unsweetened dutch cocoa, and a few others. Finally we got to the last ingredient...Plus. I had not heard of this ingredient before and suspected it might be a liquid...then remembered that was "Sure" I was thinking of! LOL! So we looked up and down the grocery aisles. Eventually we came upon two stock clerks and another gentleman who looked to be their manager. They eagerly asked if they could help us and I told them what I was looking for. I explained we were baking bread from an all healthy cook book and felt that Whole Foods would have this ingredient. They proceeded to help us in our search, one stock clerk looking in the baked goods section and the other going back to look on their computer. The manager even pulled his phone out and started searching for this ingredient on there! He found a Plus flour of some sorts, but they didn't carry it. After their efforts came up empty, I kindly thanked them for all their trouble and told my son we would check the recipe to see how much it called for. If a little amount, I was sure we could leave it out.

So when we got home, my son turned to the recipe and told me it only called for 2 tablespoons Plus. I figured that would be fine to leave it out. I decided, though, to look through the pages of this book to see if they discussed their ingredients. They did and I found several things in there I'd never heard of, but did not find Plus. So I went back to the recipe so we could start our bread. I started reading off the ingredients so my son could add them to the bread machine. Water, molasses, bread flour, rye flour. I then I got to it...the infamous product! When I read it I immediately thought of the effortless help those three men had given us at the grocery store, looking for this unknown product for what must of been 10 minutes of their precious time! And then, it was all I could do to contain my laughter! For there it was....written just as below....

2 tablespoons plus
 1 teaspoon wheat bran

THAT was the "plus" we were looking for! You can rest assured that from now on whenever we make a new loaf of bread, I will be making the grocery list! And if I ever see those men in Whole Foods again, I will be hiding my red face!


  1. TOO FUNNY!!! Was the bread good???

  2. LOL! Thank you for sharing that story. All I could do was picture my sons doing the same thing! Just love them!

  3. Oh goodness...that was funny! I bet you and your son will remember this every time either one of you makes bread! Thanks for the great laugh! Kim

  4. Oh my gosh!!! How funny! The bread looks yummy!!!

  5. Cute story Annie!
    I've actually worn out three bread machines. The first one we called R2D2. It jumped off the counter while trying to mix a loaf. I told that family that R2D2 comitted suicide.
    The next two bread machines didn't last very long either. I researched the last one, and it still didn't last. I must be hard on them, with all that pizza dought I make.
    Back to researching for the new best model!

  6. That is really funny and a memory neither one of you will never forget (and also something you can remind him about once in a while) Thanks for brightening up my day :)

  7. Annie,

    Too cute! As soon as you posted the mysterious ingredient I knew just what it was! LOL!


  8. That is funny..LOL...I am on our third bread machine...if you use them alot, they do wear out eventually..this last one I picked up at a garage sale for only $25.00 even came with the recipe book as the man selling it said he never used it...congratulations to your son for losing all the weight...its quite an accomplishment..

  9. How funny!! He will never get that wrong again-hopefully! don't ever leave a man to read a recipe...that's what I say about my husband...hehe

  10. I am making white bread and wheat bread in under an hour..It is so much fun and works everytime.;) I can't believe you..did you have your blonde thinking cap on too tight?

  11. Annie, that is so funny! I love it!! The bread looks was it? Now you have me hungry for fresh bread guess I am going to go get my bread machine going.

  12. LOL! Would also enjoy a "review" of the loaf!

  13. Annie, From now on just call is "PLUS" Kristine

  14. Hi Annie,
    What a funny story! The bread looks so good, makes me want to bake something.
    Take care,

  15. What a funny story! And I do hope you'll let us know if the bread was good. I love to bake, especially bread.

  16. How was the bread? It looks delicious! The story is hilarious, a mistake of the inexperienced I'm sure!

  17. That was hiarious!
    The bread looks really yummy!

  18. Funny story! The bread looks good.
    Hope it tasted good, also.

  19. heheh, I can appreciate all the effort of eating healthy as I used to be a complete vegan. Yep, but that was many moons ago and I eat just about everything now. Love my milk but I don't eat eggs as they don't agree with me unless they are baked in something.
    I can remember my daughter telling my then boyfriend who ran the health food store that "I'm not going to tell you what we just ate at the BIG G Drive in." Yea, well, I can tell you it wasn't tofu. Heheh
    I love your sweet hearts that you have here. Is that your pattern? they are really different. very Cute.
    Oh yea, one more quick story, once when my boyfriend was gone my daughters and I decided to make a real pizza with real cheese and pepperoni and all the fixings. He decided to come back early from the city so we tossed the whole dang pizza in the trash in the girls bedroom till I could toss it the next day. Wouldn't you know his dog went in and drug that dang pizza and laid it right in front of him. heheh Got ta lov em. Hehe


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