Monday, January 17, 2011

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts!

Just finished up the last of my Valentine prims. I'm now looking toward spring and Easter creations. I can't wait to start on to get these ideas OUT of my head! You can find these offered on my Olde Annie Primitives website.

And below are a few Valentine heart tucks listed in my Etsy shop.

Hope winter is being kind to everyone! But it doesn't really sound like it has been! We're getting loads of rain and lots of flooding around here! My poor Harley is so done with this weather! He loves going outside, but when I open the door and he's hit with a blast of wind or rain, he quickly changes his mind. I am up and down with him all day...with his crying to go out and then changing his mind! Every now and then he just gets a little "boot" out the door! LOL! Poor Harley!
So needless to say, Harley has been lounging around the house a lot more these days! But I DO enjoy his company! ~~Annie


  1. The hearts are beautiful...but I ~heart~ the lollipop cute! Hope your kitty can go out soon!

  2. Love all the valentine hearts!! The lollipop hearts are too cute!!
    And Harley is adorable as always!!

  3. love all the stuff you have been working have been busy..we finally got the kids out sunday and monday..they needed is everything squishy and muddy here..;) have a great week..;)

  4. I like your hearts, all of them!
    Greetings, Diny

  5. Love all your pretties including Harley!


  6. Just love all your hearts! Everything looks just wonderful :)

  7. Love it all. Beautiful...

  8. Love everything Annie! Poor Harley, lounging around the house all day!!!

  9. Annie, your heart handmades are so adorable! You are very creative and talented!

    I hopped over here to thank you for entering my giveaway, I have your name in the basket. =] I will be back to follow your blog so I don't miss out!

    Have a fantastic week~

  10. You did good. LOL I love all of your prim little hearts. They are inspiring and so cute. Anyone would be happy to get one of your little valentine hearts.

  11. Annie as usual you have outdone yourself. Everything is just lovely. :)Fran


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