Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Few New Summer Prims!

Sure hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! My hubby is doing all the cooking this weekend, so you KNOW I'm having a good one! He just bought a new "toy"...a huge grilling machine. So I don't feel one bit guilty letting him do ALL THE WORK! LOL!

I just finished up a few new prims. I said I was done with the red, white and blue. Well...I lied! hehe! I just love doing Americana and can't seem to quit! Here are a couple of new pieces. I REALLY must move on. I have so many ideas clogging my brain. At least, I THINK that's what's clogging it!

And finally, I just wanted to wish you all a beautiful, fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! Hope you have someone cooking for YOU! ~~Annie

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  1. Annie,
    I'm with you about the Americana, I just love the colors. I have some in just about every room, but not totally Americana, just some of the colors mixed in. Now that it is summer I can use them more outside. I love your creations. You probably don't sleep much with all the ideas rolling around in your head. But that is good. Keeps the mine going.
    I will check out your goodies on your selling site. There may be something I can't live without.
    Have a nice Holiday weekend.
    Country at heart


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