Saturday, June 4, 2011

Harley Hoo Hahs!

I never know where Harley will pop up. I started removing items so I could dust my sideboard, and before I could even get everything off he had jumped up there and plopped his little bottom right on top. With all the chairs and blankets and sofas and cat beds throughout our home, you'd think he'd have lots of soft places to sit, lie and sleep. So what's up with him just lying and sleeping on all the hard furniture!

Seems he's gotten into the habit now of jumping up on my chair arm, then hopping up onto the fireplace mantel. He especially likes it when the clock up there starts to chime!

When he tires of that spot, he hops over to lie on top of the entertainment center.He enjoys listening to the baseball game, but if he doesn't like the way the game is going, he definitely lets them know! "He was OUT by a mile!"
And when he misbehaves, I make him sit in the corner!
Harley, turn around...nose in the corner, please!

Harley says hi, and wants you to know HE doesn't misbehave...not really! He just likes to perch himself up on top of the speaker to keep an eye on US!

Well, we are FINALLY getting some spring around here! It's a beautiful weekend and hubby and I are enjoying a little weekend getaway. I hope to have some great pictures to share with you all! I got my sunglasses out and wiped off all the dust from a long and dreary winter AND spring! Hope the blue skies are here to stay! ~~Annie


  1. LOL!!! Just think Annie, pretty soon you won't have to dust at all, just keep showing him new places:D Hope your having a wonderful weekend and I agree, spring needs to STAY this time!!!!

  2. Annie, Harley Hoo Hahs gets cuter every day. I always look forward to hearing about his most recent antics!! Hugs, Kristine

  3. LOL..Your Harley is very entertaining to say the least. I wish that is all Maggie would do is entertain us and not keep breaking her chain and taking off to the woods out back. She was gone 3 1/2 hours tonight before we found her and that does worry me (not to mention she goes in the yucky part of the huge pond behind us) I think it would be easier to have such a cute kitty but I love her anyhow and as soon as the garden is finished and the fence comes down it will be moved where she has a little more room. My kitties do the same thing but they do help dust the furniture just like I am sure Harley does :)

  4. Harley is just too cute!!


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