Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall in the Pacific Northwest...If you can call it that!

Happy Fall Yall!
I LOVE decorating for fall! These will stay up until Thanksgiving. I add a few Halloween things about a week before the 31st, but they quickly come down the day after Halloween, when I will then add my Thanksgiving decorations. This is my front porch. Take a look over to the right at that little speck on the white board below my house numbers. He's our current house guest for the season. Here's a close up view...
Ain't he sweet! We look for him everyday. I'm fine with his long as he stays OUTside! :)

I thought I'd share a few pics of fall in this area. I lived most of my life in North Carolina. My husband was born in Asheville, NC, and his family hails from the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. So it goes without saying that we would make a yearly trip to the mountains in mid October. The colors there were so vibrant, the apples were at their peak and the weather always seemed to be perfect during these trips.

Move ahead twenty years and now our falls are spent in the Pacific Northwest. Washington, to be specific...the EVERGREEN state. Don't get me wrong. This area is absolutely gorgeous and I love it here. But I'm having to find a "different" beauty in the fall season. So yesterday we decided to take a day trip to see a bit of fall in the great Pacific Northwest. Our search for some color...or maybe not!

First of all, the weather started out a little misty. But when you think about it, this is perfect weather for the backdrop here. The water settles on the tips of the evergreens and just sparkles. We decided to drive through Mt. Rainier and down to a little town called Packwood, where there was a little craft show going on. The mountains had a slight fog waffling through them. I've always loved fog in the mountains...such a cozy feeling.
And here I actually found a little color!

I stopped at this little "babbling brook". I could have sat here and listened to it for hours! Nothing but green here. So I drove further in search of some color.

But this was about it for the color. Still, the drive through Mt. Rainier did not disappoint. It was still beautiful! We went on to Packwood and I picked up a few things at the craft show.

I love these Thanksgiving stacking boxes I got. Not handmade, but a great price. From there we drove over the mountains to country! It was a beautiful drive along a pretty river.

We stopped at this beautiful waterfall.

Once we reached the other side of the mountains the skies turned blue and the sun popped out. We stopped at a couple of fruit stands and a couple of antique shops before heading back home to the west side of the mountains.

No, it's not the color found in other parts of the country, but it still has it's own beauty. And no matter where I live, the fall season will always be my favorite. I love decorating for fall...I think even more than decorating for Christmas. I love the colors of fall and my house is decorated mostly in these colors. So fall just fits in well. Here are a few pics of my fall decorations...

I love this old looking wood scoop. I've got one of my plaid pumpkins sitting in it.

This is my front foyer.

Okay...I KNOW this picture is lop sided. But I wanted to take a picture in the dark so you could see how pretty this pumpkin lights up. And to do so without it being blurry, I had to sit my camera flat on the stair rail so it wouldn't move. get the jest. :)

And a few of my favorite pieces.

I am finishing up my fall orders and will be moving on to Christmas. I hope to have a few things listed on my website starting this Friday. Here's a sneak peak at one of my newest Christmas tucks. Just LOVE these little fellows!

Hope you enjoyed a little of our fall in this corner of the country. Hope to see you back on Friday! Happy Fall! ~~Annie


  1. loved the photos of your day trippin..and I spy a little cat pillow that I made.O) have a great rest of your week.;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos, I enjoyed the tour. I love fall too and would miss the fall color if I lived away. Things are getting quite colorful here in my neck of the woods and I've been enjoying the views.

  3. Good Morning Annie I am so glad I took the time to stop by your blog this morning, the title to your post pulled me in! My oldest son lives in Seattle and I haven't seen him in so long. He loves it up there and I do have to say the one time I have been it is Beautiful!! I enjoyed your pictures, great fall goodies also.

  4. I enjoyed your post this morning Annie. Fall is my most favorite time of year as well. Being born and raised in New Hampshire it's in my blood! The west has it's own beauty but I still miss the New England fall season after all these years. The colors here in Idaho are awesome right now, especially after last weeks snowfall!
    Seeing your pictures reminded me of how green it is. I loved it there when my hubs worked out side Olympia back in 2007 for 9 months.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Annie, I love your fall. Beautiful photos and it sounds like a nice day trip. We are in full color around here now and it is beautiful and I agree with you I love fall too! Love the new tucks!

  6. Beautiful family is from that part of the country so it looks familiar but haven't been up there in years...a site for sore eyes indeed....and your fall decorating is very homey and warm..great time of year!

  7. What beautiful pics; thanks for sharing! This is my first autumn in northern Idaho, and as a North Carolina native it's a bit of a shock! LOL

    Glad to see that you found some color somewhere. If it stops raining here, I might get out and try to find some too!

  8. Hi Annie,
    I just love the beautiful photos. I would love to come visit your area someday. I have a Cuz. out there.
    The new ornies are stinkin' cute.

  9. Loved the day trip. Always nice to see different parts of our country and someplace I'll never get to see!!!! So, keep taking pics. Love your fall decorations too. Love the lighted pumpkin.

  10. I remember living in WA in the fall and I enjoyed your photos. Love all your decorations I Just don't have room to do much here but do have that little cutter quilt bag yoou made for me last fall on a little shelf in my dining room.
    I think the most beautiful place I ever lived in the fall was WI..the colors of the trees were like an oil painting compared to the watercolor look here in IL. We have TONS of leaves falling and I don't mid having them all over the ground but hate it when the doggies track them into T V room...but that is how fall is in the midwest so will just have to deal with it :)


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