Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He Made A Liar Out Of Me!!

Well, I must say that I have to be careful of what I say on here, as some may quickly make a liar out of me! LOL! No, hubby doesn't read my blog, but on Monday I wrote that we don't do anything for each other on Valentine's Day...that we would go to dinner and that's it. Well, soon after I posted that I received a box by Fed Ex. These beautiful flowers and vase were inside. I collect Royal Ruby red depression glass, and he said he chose this vase hoping it would go with that. Now how sweet and thoughtful was that! By the way...that's me and hubby up there on the left after we got married. Not sure why the flowers were delivered on Monday, instead of Tuesday, and when I asked him why he just said "I'm not done yet!" And he wasn't!

Late Tuesday afternoon, there was a knock at the door. It was Fed Ex once again! It was a large box with an emblem showing BERRIES! The inside of the box was wrapped in a foam and there were chill packs inside. This was the box that I pulled out.

This is what's inside...CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!! He definitely knows the best way to THIS woman's heart! hehe! He's such a sweetie! But I have to ask myself...what is he trying to prepare me for? Now I'm waiting for him to come home pulling behind him his new FISHING BOAT! LOL!

Sure hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day! I sure did! ~~Annie


  1. Annie, what a wonderful hubby you have there!!! He was full of surprises, I wonder if there is more Love the flowers and love the picture of you two!

  2. What a wonderful suprise to recieve in the mail!
    You have a wonderful husband for doing that!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. He's a keeper, Annie. What wonderful surprises...2 days of them!!! Love your picture.

  4. So cute! Love that he surprised you and I'm chuckling cause I'm wondering if you are right about a boat?!?!
    Just when we think we really know them they do the sweetest thing.
    Enjoy Annie~

  5. Congratulations Annie! Beautiful flowers and scrumptious looking strawberries too! My hubby took me out to dinner and we went to see "One for the Money" was really good. I love Janet Evanovich's books...hope that more are made into books. Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  6. How sweet, so glad he surprised you!


  7. Oh, Annie! The flowers would have had me, but the chocolate covered strawberries, be still my fluttering heart.

    This was pure love at it's finest.

  8. If he comes home with that new fishing boat, go fishing with him ;-) Absolutely marvelous...the flowers, the vase, the chocolate covered strawberries! A Valentine's Day to remember!

  9. I can tell who he listens on the radio, Rush advertises both the flowers and the chocolate covered cherries...very nice.....!

  10. Nice surprise and make sure you tell him you were going to buy him a boat but you couldn't pick out the right one :)
    He's a keeper huh Annie?

  11. Oh Annie, I got a good laugh out of this! My hubby and I don't get each other anything for Valentine's Day either... but he surprised me too this year! And I was the same way as you. I was thinking okay... what are you up to? Lol!

    The vase is gorgeous as are the flowers too! And those strawberries... oh my word, divine!! Happy Valentine's to you!


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