Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just wanted to share.... newest Easter bunnies. I just LOVE how these fellows turned out! I found these brand new large dish towels at the Goodwill for 69 cents each! The fabric is thicker than homespun and so nice! I figured I'd do up some shabby chic things with it. So I've left them unstained. They can be found in my Etsy shop.

I have been swamped with orders. Easter/spring has always been a busy time for me. I started having specials on my Facebook page and that went a little TOO well, if you know what I mean. And my website, Etsy and Ebay started picking up, so I've had to put Facebook on hold for a while. But please bare with me...I WILL start listing more specials over there as soon as I can get a bit caught up.

Something else new that I would like to share...I just started listing ALL my tucks all the time over on my website. You can now purchase any of my seasonal tucks at any time! I have over 100 tucks listed. GEEZ...I can't believe I make that many different tucks! No wonder I'm so tired! hehe! I hope I will like this idea, as it sure seems weird making Halloween and Christmas tucks NOW! LOL!

Hubby and I have started looking at buying our next (and hopefully last) RV. Up until a few years ago we always had a pop up camper. We loved our camper and all the trips we took while the kids where young...and SMALL! LOL! But we've long outgrown the pop up and it's been gone a few years now. We've been putting off getting a new RV until hubby is closer to retirement. We want something that will take us into our retirement years. But we're not sure what type of camper we want yet...a trailer, fifth wheel or something you drive and pull a small car behind. I think hubby would love a fifth wheel...that way he has to buy a new truck! Not too thrilled about this idea, though! LOL! I'd LOVE any input from anyone out there who has an RV. I'm completely lost at what I want! I can't wait to start traveling, though! I have met SO many on line friends through selling and blogging. I can't wait to start driving cross country and visiting a few of you along the way! I already have a few stops planned with some of you and looking forward to meeting you in person! Lunch will be on ME! :)

Okay...I've babbled long enough. I need to crack the whip and get back to work! Thanks for dropping by today. I'll be back as soon as I can! ~~Annie


  1. The bunnies and butterflies are so cute!

  2. love the bunnies! the tucks are adorable as well ,the black & white's would make cute bears too if you make bears

  3. I LOVE the bunnies-the black and white fabrics look great! Enjoy your weekend - Blessings -

  4. I absolutely adore the dish towel bunnies!

    Don and I "rough" camped, then had a 27' RV, then had a Pop Up Tent Camper, then had a 32' Motorhome (and pulled a Saturn). Actually they were all fun...each had pros and cons! For a long term arrangement, I think I still like the RV with a truck!

    And congratulations on how well your business is doing...fantastic!

  5. That's nice for you that you're selling all of your tucks all of the time now. I'm glad that your business is doing so well. The check bunnies are so pretty. One hundred kinds of tucks, wow!

  6. Love the bunnies. They turned out so cute. What a lovely addition they would make to an Easter basket or a wooden bowl.

  7. I think Kim over at Valley Primitives has a pretty sweet RV. I have a few friends with 5th wheels, but RV's are so nice. Your bunnies are wonderful in black & white - almost a french flair to them. Love the butterflies too. ~*~Lisa

  8. Love the bunnies and the cute!!

  9. i always read your blog and love to see what you create. Always pretty.. love the black and white. We just bought a 37 ft motorhome and love it. Just got back from Florida. We love the get up and go aspect. Will be pulling a saturn also. enjoy the shopping.

  10. Hey there Annie~
    so happy for you that you're sales are keeping you "hopping!" The new bunnies are darling.
    Good luck with finding the perfect RV too. Make sure it has room for your sewing machine ;-)
    My door will always be open if you find yourself near me in the future.
    hugz to ya my friend~

  11. Cute new bunnies, love their little bows and shiny black eyes!

    100 tucks?! Wow, now that's A LOT! If you can't find what you need there, then you don't need it, right? That's also a lot of work, girl! Oooh... traveling across country will give you plenty of time for creating and crafting! =]


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