Saturday, April 7, 2012


First of all, I want to wish everyone a most blessed Easter!

We are enjoying a beautiful weekend up here in the Pacific Northwest! We definitely deserve it after the rainy weather we've had the last few weeks! Mix in a little snow, a lot of wind and even some hail and that sums up our March! It came in like a lion and went out like a lion, too! Today was the first day I've had my sunglasses out since last year! I'm lovin' it!

Hubby baked a ham today and I made potato salad and deviled eggs. Tomorrow afternoon we're driving over to Rattlesnake Lake for a picnic. Next week is spring break here and I'm going to enjoy sleeping in a bit. I've closed my shop to orders and need to finish up a couple of small orders and one very big order. Then I'm SPRING CLEANING! I never thought I would be so excited about housecleaning! But I really am! I've had such a busy two months of sewing, I welcome the change. Plus, there's just something about spring cleaning. It brings back memories from when I was a little girl and would help my mom spring clean. We had the old six pane, double hung windows that you pulled out from the frame to wash. My mom had a bucket for cleaning the wood and a bucket for cleaning the glass. That was my job to "prewash" the windows. Then, with the window propped on her lap, she would take the Windex to each and every pain, holding it up to the sunlight to make sure there were no streaks. Of course, all the ceilings and corners were dusted (by using an old t-shirt tied to the end of a broom), wood work had to be washed...moldings, window sills, baseboards, doors; curtains washed and ironed, mattresses vacuumed and turned...EVERYTHING was cleaned, top to bottom. It was hard work, but it was always a good feeling afterward. And after I moved away and had my own family, I would still return home each year to help my mom with her spring cleaning, eventually doing much of it myself.

And yes, when I spring clean my own house, I do ALL this as well. I just don't do it as often as my mom did. But then, if I had that little three bedroom, one bath house I grew up in, it wouldn't be quite as hard. And we didn't have no where near the STUFF back then that we have these days. I mean...we had ONE television set back then. I'm ashamed to admit that my house has SIX!! There is just so much more to clean nowadays!

But I look forward to that satisfaction I always get, the freshness of everything, the "good" tiredness I feel from a hard day of cleaning. Yes, I look forward to cleaning and I look forward to being done! And I'm sure that after I'm done spring cleaning, I will be SO ready to get back to sewing! Wish me luck!



  1. Hi, Annie:
    I too remember the 'Spring Cleaning' ritual that my mother had. That and Fall cleaning were a huge deal at our house. Everything got taken apart and scrubbed, shaken or washed out and put back. It's a great feeling to sit back and enjoy the house when everything is finished.
    Have a very Happy Easter Day.

  2. Happy Easter Annie

    OH you need to come clean for me, no wait come see me and we will sew LOL


  3. Annie,

    Happy Easter to you. We are having ham as well. Spring cleaning always energizes me once it's done of course! I was doing some inside cleaning this morning and still need to wipe down the baseboards in the rooms I got cleaned...thanks for the reminder. And you are so right...we didn't have as much stuff growing up as we do now. We have 5 tvs and if the kitchen was done, I'm sure there would be one in there too.


  4. Annie, I ditto every single thing you just said! That's the way it was back then for us and for me now. Only thing different is my mom is 3.5 hours away so I don't go back and spring clean for her. But yes, everything else you said is me too. =]

    Enjoy your break and spring cleaning ~

  5. Hi Annie, Hope you had a Happy Easter!!!

    Yes, you brought back memories for me too!!!! I'm lucky if I get the house cleaned in the spring. Forget fall housecleaning for me!!!!
    Enjoy your time off from sewing!!!



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