Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got the blues..., that is!

WOOHOO! I got my last and very large order finished up today! What a great feeling to be FINISHED! To not have orders looming over me! To be able to do WHAT I want WHEN I want! To be able to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! And maybe now my sore finger can heal up. I have a place on the middle finger of my right hand that the head of the needle digs into. I don't like wearing a thimble, not even those rubber thimbles. I've got so now I use my needle nose pliers when I'm doing any sewing on tucks that have been painted. Those can be tough to sew. I think I've worn the tips of my fingers down so smooth, they just won't grab the needle well. I can't live without my needle nose!

Anyway, I had to make up some blue pansies for this order, so I made a couple of different sets for her to choose from. I never use to think of blue as a color for flowers, but there are actually lots of beautiful blue flowers out there, including blue pansies!

Okay...guess I'll go twiddle my thumbs. What to do? What to do? ~~Annie


  1. Those are so pretty! Take care of those sore fingers! :)

  2. Very cute pansies Annie.
    I hope those fingers heal.

  3. Loves the blues Annie, your bowl fillers are always so sweet.

    Happy for you on those orders, wish I could say that right now myself.

    Oh I know how you feel on the fingers, mine have holes in them and are in pretty sad shape LOL...I too am not a fan of thimbles, they get in my way!


  4. Love the needle nose pliers are also my "go to" tool..they stay right near the sewing machine. I have arthrisis in my fingers so I started using them. But you are right that finger gets all the needle abuse..I have had a hole in my finger at times, where I am trying to push the needle thru. All of us that make prims really really love it to go thru all of this...hands in coffee/tea stain, trying to get a needle thru painted items, all the hand sewing's like leather. Taking something new and making it old is quite a task.
    Have a great day!
    Smiles and huggs

  5. These are very pretty. I love blue and you found some pretty fabric for these. I bet you don't twiddle your thumbs'll be busy with something new!

  6. I like the set at the top of the page. Cute bowl fillers!

  7. Love all of the flowers. So cute and great bowl fillers. Enjoy your day

  8. Annie, those are adorable!! LOVE the way they turned out~too cute!


  9. I'm so like you when it comes to sore fingers and pulling those stubborn needles through (and I can't stand to wear a thimble). Sometimes I'll just put a bandaid around each of my sewing fingers to get through a project without more pain. Oh, the things we go through to create!

    Love your beautiful prim flowers!


  10. LOVE these!! Just bought the pattern, cant wait to make some :)

  11. Thank you Shannon! Hope you got the pattern okay! Have fun...they are so fun to make! ~~Annie

  12. Oh Annie, they are beautiful. So different from usual flowers, these are pretty and unique.
    Try Bag Balm on your hands.

  13. These are lovely. I just love homespuns and your patterns are just adorable.

  14. Blue is not one of my favorite colors but I would definitely display those. I love ticking and home spun. I know something you can do to relax now...go read a book (smile)
    Your work is awesome as always Annie. I know I will stay busy next week putting 50 cook books on the binders and thenpraying they all sell at the fund raiser

  15. Love your blue flowers!!
    I too, can't use a thimble, have to feel my work and get holes in my fingers...OUCH!!!! If I'm sewing alot, I actually have a callous on my one finger. That was when I did alot of embroidery work. I had done 3 grandmother quilted them, there is still one here that she didn't get to!:(

    I'm sure you'll find something to do!!!! lol



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