Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas is Coming! Come CELEBRATE!

The Olde Farmhouse Gathering Etsy team is having a Christmas Winter Wonderland celebration.  Click on the banner over to the right to see what we have in store for the holidays!

 This is one of  my offerings.  This cute snowman is so bright and cheerie in this red with white speckles enamel cup.  

 This piece has sold, as well as the Christmas tree tucks shown above, but I can make more if interested.

This little guy is SO cute.  He is made of a clay-like resin and is filled with lots of prim goodies!

I also wanted to show you my newest sitting hat tucks.
 Pilgrim hats...these would look so nice sitting on a shelf, table or cupboard cabinet!

 One of my new customers asked for a special order for an orange and black striped hat.  I LOVED how it turned out, so figured I'd take it to the next level and offer this set of three. 

 She also asked for these!  Aren't they the cutest!  I plan to make a white with black and orange calico cat, and a black with just white stripes.  The sky's the limit with these!  This style cat has been my most popular tuck this last count at 19 sets!!!  

All the tucks above can be found or requested in my Etsy shop or on my website.

I hope to get the last of my Halloween orders finished up this week.  And then I will start offering my Christmas prims.  I will continue to sell my Thanksgiving tucks for a while longer, as well.  It's been another extremely busy season, and I want to thank ALL my wonderful customers, new and old!  I appreciate all your emails, words of encouragement, and in many cases, your patience!  It's been a great Halloween season....stay tuned for Christmas!  ~~Annie


  1. Hello Annie, oh what sweet goodies you've made, been busy. Will check out the shop, Blessings Francine.

  2. Annie,
    I love the Pilgrim hats. It's so hard to come up with Thanksgiving products, that are fast and easy!
    Not enough time between holidays.

  3. Cute, cute stuff Annie! Especially the witch hats and cats.
    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful fall day!

  4. Wow..Love them all Annie you out did yourself again..I always wonder what you will come up with next and you always amaze me :)

  5. I just ran across your blog and love it! Your creations are wonderful! They are prim, but they aren't scary looking. I just became your latest follower:) Keep up the beautiful work and thank you for sharing with us.
    PS feel free to take a meander over to my blog and look around if you like:)


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