Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Christmas Primitives! Fun, Fun, Fun!

 Just listed a few new things on Etsy.  This is a cute candy cane wall hanging with three nice rusty bells.

 I love working with the old wool sweaters.  Sweet little hanging using an old rusty flat cheese grater.

 A nice large mitten hanging also using an old wool sweater that I've shrunk down tight.

Quilted mitten and stocking, each with a little bouquet tucked in of Sweet Annie, pip berries and chenille stem candy canes.

 Another pillow using a couple of nice Christmas fabrics.  I have four different pillows currently for sale.

And finally, a piece that I started many years ago when I use to paint and do shows.  I had a couple of these left that I never did finish.  All the painting and stitching was completed, but I just never finished stitching them to a background.  So...FINALLY!  I'm keeping one for myself and offering the second at a great price!  I use to love cutting out my own wood, sanding, painting...all was very soothing to me.  After I stopped crafting for about four years in the early 2000's, I put away my band saw, sander and drill press.  And I never went back to them.  I had always sewn, as well.  So when I started Olde Annie Primitives, I just never went back to painting on wood and other objects.  I miss it from time to time, but I do still paint my tucks and ornies.  And ALL those acrylic paints I accumulated back then have really come in handy!  Anyway, here's one of the last fabric pieces from back then.

And some of my wood snowflakes from back then.

Hope everyone is having a nice fall!  We are pretty soggy up here in the Pacific Northwest.  And we had a pretty bad wind storm last week that knocked out power and knocked down part of our fence!  Our yard tends to be a magnet whenever we have one of these storms.  So this time, not only were we left with the leaves from all our neighbors, we also ended up with someone's umbrella and a boat load of Styrofoam peanuts!  UGH!  Happy Fall Y'all!  :)  ~~Annie


  1. Love love them all! Know what you mean about yards. When the trash truck comes by to empty the stores trash across the street, our yard become filled with their trash! What a mess...
    Wishing you a lovely evening!

  2. Oh you have been a busy gal, love all of your creations.....prim perfect, Francine.

  3. I love so much your creations hugs


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