Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Christmas Tucks! I just can't quit! :)

 Unique prim stars!  LOVE how these turned out!

What great fabric this has been for candy canes!  Wish I had more.  Last set of these I can make with this fabric. 
 Oh Christmas Trees!

 Some more fun stars!  All the above can be found on eBay.

And finally, this is Snowflake.  She is up for adoption in my Etsy shop.

It has been a busy fall here!  I haven't decided when I'm going to shut down for the holidays.  So far, I'm still eager to sew, and I have quite a few more new things in the works.  So, I'll be back soon with all new Christmas prims.  Stay warm my friends!  See you soon!  ~~Annie


  1. Just love those stars ~ The olde soft sparkle is just beautiful.

  2. They all are just fabulous!
    The Christmas trees are awesome!
    Enjoy your day Annie,

  3. I have never been able to make my candy canes come out right and yours look very nice..You sure are in the spirit and staying busy and I always enjoy seeing what you make. ..Everything looks do such nice work :)


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