Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sharing Some "Christmas Past" and Some Decorating Ideas!

 Last night I was cleaning out my Christmas photos of all my past creations.  I like to keep ONE photo of everything I've ever least every OOAK item I've made.  So, I was playing "eye doctor" last night, going back and forth my numerous photos of each item asking "which one is better...this one...or this one".  Made me think of when the eye doctor flips those lenses back forth and you have to choose which is clearer.  LOL!  ANYWAY...while cleaning out my pictures, the first thing I noticed was "WOW...I can't believe I've made all these things!"  Second thing I noticed is that my picture taking has dramatically improved over the years!  That's probably mostly due to the camera I use now.  So, thought I'd share a few of my past creations with you and maybe give you an idea or two if you need any decorating ideas for the upcoming holiday season.  Sorry for the poor quality of some of these...they date back to 2008!  Hope you enjoy!

 Add a couple of candy canes to a piece of Christmas garland to hang on your front door.

 An old quilt and a few straight stitches and you can make up a nice bag to stuff those Christmas tucks in.  Add some greenery and berries and you have a nice piece to sit on a shelf or hang on the door.

 Old enamel cups and bowls are great for using!  This has a couple of hand made candy canes made with red and white chenille stems that have been twisted together.  Add some berries, greenery, cinnamon sticks, small pine cones, bells, or whatever you have lying around.  Great piece for a little corner.

 This is another enamel cup that I've also added a gingerbread man tuck to.

 If you have any old wood boxes lying around, stick a large snowman in one and add some greenery and berries to the side.  I've tied a nice homespun bow around this one to finish it off.

 This was one of my all-time favorite pieces.  It started with a most special and unique tall, slender enamel cup.  Again, adding whatever you have in your craft stash!

Pull out those old kitchen gadgets...old sifters and colanders are great to fill with your favorite tucks and ornies.

 Flat graters make great wall hangings.  Just wire one of your primitive bowl fillers to the front.  Embellish with some greenery and berries, a bow, a tag...whatever...

 Take an old four sided sifter and fill with goodies.  Or wire a gingerbread man to the front and fill the inside with cinnamon sticks and old wood spoons.

 Another vintage flat grater.  All these are great pieces to add to your prim or country kitchen!

 Another one of my favorite past pieces.  These tin pails are easy to find at Goodwill and other thrift stores.  Rip a sheet of Christmas music to size and stain it with a little mixture of coffee and cinnamon.  Paste to the front.  Add some greenery, a short strand of white lights, a snowman and those berries to give it that splash of color.  What a statement this will make in your front foyer!

 Got any unique antique containers lying around.  USE them!  This one is an old enamel spitoon I found at an antique shop!  Of course, when I make my gatherings, as this one, I tuck everything snugly inside.  But you can loosely tuck a few things in so they can be removed after the holidays.

 Does hubby have any old oil cans out in the garage?  Grab one, clean it up, and wrap several pieces of wired greenery around the spout to give it the Christmas tree effect.  The green garland can be found at any craft store.  Add a tuck to the front, whether it be a snowman, gingerbread man or an old crow.  Pip berries add that splash of color.

And you have an old stuffed piece you're tired of and ready to pitch?  Give it new life and turn it into a showpiece!  Use old wooden candlesticks or antique bobbins.  Rip a slit at the bottom seam and stick the base up into the piece.  A little hot glue will keep it in place.  Rip a piece of homespun or use your favorite ribbon and tie a nice bow at the base.  Add a tag or pin on a rusty bell, and VOILA!  You have a nice little table sitter and a one of a kind piece!

Hope you have enjoyed some of my past creations.  And maybe gotten an idea or two.  And now, I've gotten myself in the decorating mood!  Stay warm everyone!  See you later!  ~~Annie


  1. Wow!!!!! you are really talented, love all your Christmas creations, Francine.

  2. All of your creations are so pretty. So prim and holiday-ish :)

  3. I absolutely love your creations, and see many I want to make. Thank you for sharing.


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