Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Halloween and Fall Prims!

First of all, I want to tell you about a new feature I have on here.  I now have ALL my tucks and ornies, and a few other pieces listed up top for special order.  I so often get requests to make some of my patterned pieces and I always have to email my prices for the interested items.  Now, I can send people directly to my blog, where they can click on my SPECIAL ORDERS policies, and then on the various holidays/seasons to see ALL I have to offer, dimensions and prices.  So, if you're ever interested in anything I make or placing a special order, check above for the details.

Well, I finally finished up a few things for the fall season!  I've started listing a few of these on Etsy, and will be listing the rest on eBay and Etsy this weekend.  My camera lens was messed up last night and not focusing correctly.  My daughter told me what was wrong, so I want to take a few new pictures, first.  Anyway, here are my newest creations.  The witches above are new and listed on Etsy

I found a couple of cute Halloween place mats with these panels on it.  Made these cute little pillow tucks that are a good size to hang on a tree.

In honor of our recent Super Moon...third one this year!  Love this hanging!

These are so fun.  These are one of a few sets that I don't sell from my original photo.  I NEVER know how these are going to bake up and I love looking in the oven when they're done baking!  So with these, what you see will be what you get.

What a fun fabric for these flatty pumpkins!

Who says candy canes have to be red and white?  Pretty fabric in harvest colored stripes...makes for some beautiful fall candy canes!

My original striped witch hats in the pretty harvest colors have been such a HUGE hit!  When I found this beautiful striped fabric, I immediately thought "witch hats".  I knew I needed to find a replacement, as my other fabric is almost gone.  Think I have enough for five more sets in those harvest colors.  These, I have enough for LOTS!  :)

I also decided to make a large table sitter with that same stripe.  LOVE the black print I found for the brim!  I will be listing this piece on eBay soon.

 And then I found this awesome trio of fabrics!  What fun flat pumpkins they made!

As well as these beautiful, large harvest stars!

And do any of you remember my sweater bunnies last spring?  Well, the sweaters are back!

This time with cats, instead!  (Need to get a better photo of this fellow.)

These siblings will be listed soon.

And my sweater pumpkin!  Can you tell I love working with sweaters.  Can't wait to show you what I have in store for Christmas and those sweaters! :)

And finally, this is the gathering shown up top.  This past summer while going through box after box, bin after bin of old supplies, half finished pieces, and some finished pieces that I've decided to "repurpose", I happen to run across these wood Halloween pieces that I painted years ago.  They were too cute to do away with, so I decided to make this adorable little gathering.  I've had this ceramic bowl sitting on my shelf since I found it at Goodwill several years ago.  Just waiting for the perfect addition!  LOVE how this turned out.  It will be listed on eBay soon.

Well, that's it for now.  I have my Halloween tucks listed on eBay this week.  Next week I will probably be listing some of my fall tucks, as well.  It feels good to get back into the swing of things.  My goal is to get my eight hours of sleep each night!  And no more all nighters sewing and stuffing.  We'll see how that goes! :)

Thanks for dropping by today.  Hope your September is going well and you're all getting the feeling of FALL!  Until next time...!  ~~Annie

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