Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Few New Valentine Prims and Trying to Catch Up!

Just finished up a few more pieces.  This will be it for Valentine's Day prims.  I have to focus my attention on special orders now.  I've temporarily closed my Special Orders until I can get caught up.  Once I do, I will work on some St. Patrick's Day prims and then consider reopening to Special Orders.  I'm debating this issue, as it's keeping me too busy to concentrate on new items.  After the spring/Easter rush, things tend to slow down a bit.  So, I may wait until then.  ANYWAY, the reason for my show you my latest prims.  You can find all these and more listed on eBay.

 Nice rustic twig heart wreath with a couple of my quilted hearts.

 Sweet little make-do using a vintage wood bobbin as the base and one of my quilted hearts.

 One of two new sets of quilted hearts.  These are so pretty...and can be used year round!

 This is such a cute tall, skinny bag.  This is actually from the same quilt piece as the hearts above AND the double hearts at the very top!  Definitely getting a lot of use from this piece.  I didn't stain this bag, but I think I'm reconsidering that decision.  Watch for its "new look" once I do.  :)

And the last set of hearts from this gorgeous quilted piece! 

Once again, all these and much more can be found in my eBay shop.  Now, off to work on special orders.  Thanks for dropping by today!  ~~Annie


  1. I LOVE all of your darling hearts quilted hearts and just bought your Valentine envelope pattern the other day. Can't wait to make it!!


  2. Love everything!!! That's great you got 3 different things cut from it. And the print is all different!!! Amazing!!!!

  3. sei sempre bravissima Annie, i cuori sono sempre i miei preferiti!


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