Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Valentine's Day Primitives

Happy New Year everyone!  A little late, I know.  But only two weeks into January, the year is still young!  Hope it's gotten off to a great start for you!

My year has gotten off much better than it ended!  December started out with my downstairs bathroom springing a leak in the walls.  That wouldn't have been so bad had it been contained there, but it ended up going into my kitchen and pantry, as well.  So floors came up, walls came down and they brought in the big drying machines.  This all happened just as I was getting ready to decorate!  Well, it was a downright mess and a LOT of work!  And with Christmas just around the corner, I decided that was where I needed to gear my attention.  With my kitchen table covered with all my pantry items, I decided to set up a large folding table in the empty bathroom and moved all my pantry goods in there.  Remodeling got put on hold until after Christmas.  I went into clean mode instead, and I ended up finally getting my tree up the weekend before Christmas.  All in all my Christmas was pretty awesome!  And soon after, I was ready to take everything down, pack it away and start taking my house back!  So, I'm currently in the middle of getting new floors, walls, paint, and an all new bathroom.  Despite the inconveniences, I am now having fun with picking out the new things!  :)

But despite all the commotion, I've managed to get a lot of sewing done.  I just finished up a bunch of Valentine's Day prims.  This is it for Valentine, and I've now started on St. Patrick's day.  You can find all the items shown below (as well as the hanging up top) now or in the next couple of days either in my Etsy shop or on eBay.

I hope to be back soon with all new St. Patty's Day prims, as well as some photos of my new bath, pantry and kitchen!  Take care and thanks for stopping by!  ~~Annie


  1. Your hearts are beautiful and bring a smile to my face. Ugh, having to deal with a water problem is challenging, dealing with a water problem during one of the busiest times of the year is even more challenging

  2. Loving all your hearts, so pretty. Can't wait to see your new redo'sBlessings Francine.


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