My very first day in my new home.  I was such a cute little thing back then!

 And now I'm KING of my domain!
 I prefer my ice crushed, please!

 Don't think you're shipping ME out with your other boxes!

 Cesar Millan...you're my hero.  It's about time someone trained those ornery ol' dogs!

 I'm SO embarrassed!  I'll never go to one of those pet boutique schools again just to get a cheap cut!

 You were out by a mile!

 I'm in love...and you don't even know my name!  Sigh!

 Is SOMEONE gonna draw my bath or not?!?!

 See...I could be one of your "black cat" ornies!

 Who SAYS I don't go with the seasonal decor?  It worked for HALLOWEEN!

P-U!  Don't look at ME...must be those feet!

 I KNEW I shouldn't have had that second helping at dinner!

 It wasn't ME whose been using the couch as a scratching post!
 Okay...maybe it was!  Hide me...quick!
 I'm sorry about your couch!  Please accept this little birdie as a peace offering!

 Whoops...were you gonna stuff these?

 Don't you know it's PLAY time...not sew time!

 Tell me again...WHY can't I stay in here?

 Here 'ya go...use this to clean up the hairball over there!

 I know I left my catnip SOMEWHERE!

 I guess it's true...a watched pot never boils!

Make sure you advertise it a set of "SIX" stars!

 Since you were taking pictures ANYWAY...how's THIS pose?

Wake me up when it's all over!

 Where can I hide it....
 I've GOT to find a place to hide it....
 I'll hide it here...she'll never know my vaccines are due!

 Just TRY moving me........go ahead...make my day!

Okay....WHO forgot to flush?

 I see you up there...
 Flittering and fluttering around...
 But my master has told me over and over again... 
Okay, where are the sparrows, then?

 Enjoying those "CAT days of summer"!

It's definitely a cat's life!

Thanks for dropping by.  I'm always posing for my owner, so make sure to drop by again for more of ME, HARLEY G!

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